Friday, February 24, 2012

Robots on tees and a new brush

This week I made a new photoshop brush with the intention of using it as a pattern brush or a magical glyph perhaps. What I got I think was much better... Feel free to screenshot this brush preset and add it to you collection is you have one. :D


And also for the designers out there I've these awesome crazy bots on some tees.

I know right... Anyhow Stay informed with Illustration Friday and stay tuned for my upcoming video which will have some new techniques I've learned...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hey everybody welcome back again. This week I went down a different road. Instead of trekking through another video game concept illustration (though I had plenty of ideas for them) and instead wanted to try something a little more edgy and touchy.

The idea started with a girl fight boxing game, And of course I was going to label it "Popularity" however the idea changed dramatically throughout the design process. At the local brick and mortar comic book store (BIG B) I came across a Metal Gear Solid art book by Ashley Wood.

Ashley Wood's The Art of Metal Gear Solid

I did however pull a lot of reference from one of my new favourite flickr contacts UK Vintage. Its an awesome photostream and I highly recommend checking it out. But lets bounce right into the illustration this week.

Using the smudge tool I began to blend in the shadows and afterwards on a separate layer using the paint brush tool I began to smooth out my tones.

Usually I would draw out my background first and blend and paint directly overtop but experimenting with my wacom tablet and the lasso tool I was able to make the background. I also applied a texture filter  for effect. The rug or carpet she is sitting on was created with a texture brush.

In a separate file I created a 10 x 10 px dot and defined it as a pattern. Using the lasso tool and the fill tool I carefully outlined the fill areas that I believe required a little more definition and shade. And with a little more work and the word of the week... Popularity. You get a rather nice illustration.


And here is a practical design use for this illustration as a cd cover...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Conceptual Practice

Not too much to talk about yet this week but however I wanted to take this time to display some concept speed painting I have been developing for practice and creative studying.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Twirl - Killer Robot Circus

As I continue to embrace concept art and illustrations I find myself constantly looking at more and more resource materials and creating more and more new brushes. 

This is an image of a spirit wolf hiding in a cave, perhaps wounded by the hunter lurking in the background.

The jump off point for twirl was this image by Frederick Remington. This image demonstrated to me that you do not need harsh edges in order to create shapes or silouettes. The use of colour splotches to blend together all the different shapes that build the image are just amazing. The technique of this image was so inspiring.

Oddly enough my first idea for twirl was to develop the concept as a superhero, however the concept changed while I was testing out new brushes with fellow Graphic Designer, Oz Espinosa.

Twirl was a fun concept to develop, immediately I knew that the circus would be filled with killer robots and the scene would be set at night.

And finally details and colours on the robots as well as some killer blood splatters to really take it over the edge.