Thursday, February 25, 2016

I've been pretty busy as of late and reluctantly I haven't had the time to post any new materials or projects. I did however paint these black and white portraits of Elvis Presley and David Bowie some of my favourite idols since I was a teenager.

Remember never stop drawing and never stop painting!!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

So I recently decided to start this back up.

I've worked in the kitchen, in the warehouse and the factory and now I'm ready to start doing what I love again. Illustrating! So to start this journey down the rabbit hole so to speak. I'm going to read and illustrate Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland." So over the next couple of months I will be posting illustrations as they come up. Along with some commissions for people I'm doing locally. I'm really excited to be back at the desk again with a pen in my hand and image in my mind.

Looking forward to more posts.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update Canada Day and the CW Project

So my computer is busted so no new videos for awhile...
I apolize for not posting anything in awhile as I have been busy exploring art outside of my computer.
I have entered a wide range of different painting techniques these days.

For instance Canada Day. I was reading a book recently called "Hater" by author David Moody. The book itself was amazing but the cover which was done in a Dexter like blood splatter is what caught my attention. Blood splatter artwork suddenly seemed so appropriate for Canada Day. Red and White with a Canadian Leaf as Symbol.

I also created a tee shirt featuring the same Design. I wandered around with it on Canada Day ofcourse. Pictures of it will be posted as well so stay informed for later.

Ofcourse the design does represent a deeper meaning as it symbolizes that canda was built on blood and oppression and most of our success as canadians came from our country's ability to help win wars.

On the other hand I am also continuing work on my Summer Street art project. Last year I saw the Movie "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and I was inspired to create last year my facebook friends watched over the summer as I followed my CW (the same one who inspired this site) throughout the streets of Brantford placing up Hero propaganda all over the downtown area of Brantford. This year the project has expanded into Hamilton. And CW and wandered recently into underground practice areas to look for inspiration on what the crowd was creating and we were happy to see that not many stencils are being dropped down here in the Hammer.
We did find some in the end though. :D And put some of our own up. I find even though CW and I have been dropping down stencils in here for about a year now the other night was pretty much our opening act for the summer as about 60 stencils were placed around the downtown area on garbage cans under bridges and in the general How the F@!# did that get there downtown areas. The answer... Ninja Skills
 So without further adeiu I am pleased to drop down for you the simple yet amazing first stencil of the CW Project BOO-YA

  Stay updated on the CYKE WARD PROJECT here, and I will also be posting my usual shananigans, paintings and sketches. Peace all


Monday, May 7, 2012

Cybernetic Mechsuits

Hey peeps, You all know I've been dropping some awesome cybernetic mechsuits, and I have one more to drop down for you.
  So basically I'm going to drop down my wip screenshots and then you can watch the vids via playlist.
 Plus if you scroll down to the bottom of this blog post you can download the final desktop wallpaper featuring all 3 of the awesome mech suits.

And now we interupt your regular programming for this visual presentation

And for a final treat I give to you the wallpaper... o¿0

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Deviantart Thumbdrop

Hiya everyone, I just wanted to post some of the awesome art I look at on Deviantart all the time. I normally drop by to forums from here to there and we all trade art critiques. Here are some of the awesome pieces peeps dropped down this week. :D

                                             Cyber Girlby ~whatzitoya

                                             The Underlying Truthby ~whatzitoya

                                           Hold on to your hopes cus it 

gets windy out there!by *A-W-DARCY

Be sure to drop by my DA Gallery to check out my works

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaper Class Mech Suit

Yesterday, I dropped down a what I am now calling an "Assault Class" Mech Suit. I had another suit that I had drawn out. I started drawing these suits as a way to justify a reason for a person to have cables and cybernetics attached to them. I have been throwing around this idea in my brain for awhile now and couldn't just not do it anymore.

This version of the mech suit I labeled "Leaper Class." I created the suit with the intention of it being able to jump over large gaps and run long distances.

This image I started by creating a background. I primed my canvas with some watercolour brushes and got to work on the new suit. I like to work in grayscale at first. I'm not actually sure why but I am very comfortable with working in with a full tonal range.

When I after I finished working out the shapes in greys I added colour by placing overlay layers with colours placed over them. I have been experimenting with this and I have been really enjoying my results. Overlay layers allow you to add colour and highlights (today's lesson peeps). I find them to be quite useful. I paint with colours on multiply layers to increase the range of colours. At the end I decided why not just draw out a rough sketch of my logo for fun. :D

I've also decided I am going to do one more mech suit this time only in photoshop without previously drawn reference. And then as a finale I am going to design a desktop background and maybe a t shirt of two of the mech doing battle...

Should be good... Anyways catch you all on the flipside. o.0  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mech Assault Suit

This is an image that started with a drawing I did yesterday. Mech suits and future art are really a passion now more than a hobby. And to think this time last year I was sitting in my apt. drawing pictures of Spider-man over and over again.

The above picture was drawn in pencil, shaded in marker and then coloured in pencil crayons.
I was playing around with some custom brushes and I found a really awesome one I am going to use for blending now and again.

Colour was applied using the soft round brush on two separate overlay layers

The background was applied after and using layer styles I applied a gradient to incorporate more colour into the illustration.

And some final touches to to spruce up the image a bit. XD
and now a video