Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Prepare - Video

So as per my usual I have uploaded my video for this weeks Concept Illustration.
Please enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it.

 Prepare was a very inspiring word for me this week. After aliens "grounded" last week I decided to keep with the the sci-fi swag that was still spiraling around me. The word itself "Prepare" gave me inspiration to experiment with my brush setting to allow for many very pleasing techniques. This image in particular began to get some attention.

After a day or so of practicing new techniques I began the dive into photoshop to begin the battle. Instead of using black and white I decided that since I was working a science fiction piece I could create an intense atmosphere. I then began to set the mood with my environment.

This illustration by Jack Coggins demonstrated to me the kind qualities I wanted to incorporate into my image. It made me realize that sci-fi isn't bound to the colour schemes as our earth is. Oranges can be used to colour a dull grey moon the grass blue and the sky green.

Overall I think, I learned a lot this week.

I decided it was best to incorporate this image into a 2 page magazine spread. This would be used in a magazine or in a comic book.

That is all for today everyone, I look forward to getting back to you all with the video soon.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Preparations to "Prepare"

This week the word "prepare" was given by illustrationfriday.com and it proved somewhat difficult conceptualize in a sci-fi manor. However throughout the week I've been creating new shapes for brushes in photoshop. Some for creating structural objects and organic shapes.

This Spike Cannon was created and turned into a brush, that brush was then used to create Hover Bikes.

An alternate brush was repeated numerous time and a robot was created.

Robots and Hover bikes where very inspiring jump off points to my illustration. Prepare gave me many ideas ranging from school to war. It wasn't until my first attempt to illustrate my image in photoshop that came to my mind. A robot army fighting a dinosaur army on a distant terraforming planet.

 So that's a quick update on most of my week. Enjoy the images I look forward to showing you the final result. I'm sure it's out of this world.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Grounded Video

So every week along with my Concept Illustration I will also be posting up a video. With how I managed to complete the design. This week I am proud to give you all the "Grounded Aliens". This is roughly 6 hours in 4 minutes and 12 seconds...

And I'm only getting better.

Concept Design "Grounded"

Grounded is a word that as it sounds could mean a lot of different things. This blog is mainly based on the basis of concept art, and conceptual illustrations. So after my brainstorm settled I was able to come around with an abstract idea just out of the air...
Like a spaceship crashing into the ground.

So to get myself started I research some inspirational Sci-fi and found it in the work of Jack Coggins.

I quickly found many ideas rapidly flowing through my head.

After going around and taking a vote the people decided that Aliens would represent the word grounded. It was a close race though with intense crash getting beaten by a single vote.

This whole process was a lot of fun and I can't wait to post up the video...
Enjoy the fruits of my labour today and tomorrow enjoy watching it come to fruition. 
But for now I'm off.

IWD Thumbnails

So I'm designing a poster for International Women's Day. I've decided to use my own mother as a reference for this. I haven't told her or asked her yet but I'm sure she will be thrilled.
I decided to focus on single mothers. The inspiration for this poster is drawn out from two separate Al Parker Illustrations.

Along with those I've included the my first draft of thumbnails... Now they are rough...
But they are thumbnails after all..