Sunday, April 22, 2012

Deviantart Thumbdrop

Hiya everyone, I just wanted to post some of the awesome art I look at on Deviantart all the time. I normally drop by to forums from here to there and we all trade art critiques. Here are some of the awesome pieces peeps dropped down this week. :D

                                             Cyber Girlby ~whatzitoya

                                             The Underlying Truthby ~whatzitoya

                                           Hold on to your hopes cus it 

gets windy out there!by *A-W-DARCY

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaper Class Mech Suit

Yesterday, I dropped down a what I am now calling an "Assault Class" Mech Suit. I had another suit that I had drawn out. I started drawing these suits as a way to justify a reason for a person to have cables and cybernetics attached to them. I have been throwing around this idea in my brain for awhile now and couldn't just not do it anymore.

This version of the mech suit I labeled "Leaper Class." I created the suit with the intention of it being able to jump over large gaps and run long distances.

This image I started by creating a background. I primed my canvas with some watercolour brushes and got to work on the new suit. I like to work in grayscale at first. I'm not actually sure why but I am very comfortable with working in with a full tonal range.

When I after I finished working out the shapes in greys I added colour by placing overlay layers with colours placed over them. I have been experimenting with this and I have been really enjoying my results. Overlay layers allow you to add colour and highlights (today's lesson peeps). I find them to be quite useful. I paint with colours on multiply layers to increase the range of colours. At the end I decided why not just draw out a rough sketch of my logo for fun. :D

I've also decided I am going to do one more mech suit this time only in photoshop without previously drawn reference. And then as a finale I am going to design a desktop background and maybe a t shirt of two of the mech doing battle...

Should be good... Anyways catch you all on the flipside. o.0  

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mech Assault Suit

This is an image that started with a drawing I did yesterday. Mech suits and future art are really a passion now more than a hobby. And to think this time last year I was sitting in my apt. drawing pictures of Spider-man over and over again.

The above picture was drawn in pencil, shaded in marker and then coloured in pencil crayons.
I was playing around with some custom brushes and I found a really awesome one I am going to use for blending now and again.

Colour was applied using the soft round brush on two separate overlay layers

The background was applied after and using layer styles I applied a gradient to incorporate more colour into the illustration.

And some final touches to to spruce up the image a bit. XD
and now a video

Monday, April 16, 2012

Illustration Friday - Vocal

Vocal felt a made m brain feel a little constricted. My mind immediately went to metal bands, rap artists or even dubstep, but I was certain that they would all be covered by someone else. So this week I wandered more towards sirens and banshees.

I of course recorded this for your viewing entertainment. Please Enjoy this video

And alas you can drop this on your desktop anytime you want just click here

Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Monthly Leftovers

So I have been going through my computer trying to clean up some stuff. So I found a bunch of old unfinished works this week... basically XD. This first image is an illustration friday post depicting the word Shades. I thought about creating a sunglass advertisement but instead but I also wanted to include a monster of some kind reaching out of the shadows. So I mixed the two ideas together.

Meet Shades he is just a regular guy with an awesome pair of sunglasses that grant him dominion over his shadow. He is a villain I created for a comic book title I'm working on. But thats enough about that.
I choose to do this image in vector format just for a change of pace. Enjoy :D


This was a dragon I dropped down in photoshop while I was designing a tshirt. The image didn't really scream awesome t shirt design but it did however scream awesome illustration So I finished it.

Some girls asked me to draw them... Naturally I bossed it.

This last one is another Illustration Friday Image I was going to post however, it was another image that didn't quite spell out the amazing I was going for. However it looks awesome still, and I like it. :P

And I'm also going to leave you all off with an adventure. My buddies and I go out hiking every once in awhile for inspiration. Running around in the trees and forests and climbing rock faces, and documenting.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Illustration Friday: Return

My latest illustration friday revolved around the word "Return" I had some different ideas from the "enter" key from a computer to zombies jumping out of the ground. However one idea managed to crawl through my head and surpass the norm once again. 

Originally I had thought a Knight battling a dragon the idea didn't feel like it had the same zip as some of my other ideas so I changed the idea to a hydra and the knight to a future cybernetic mercenary of some kind. XD The sketches where done on my computer using Sketchbook Express.

The first sketch featured a hydra with long necks and small heads. The merc has 2 laser swords and is walking bravely into battle. Although I liked this image it however did not have enough dynamic emotion for me to really feel into the image. And it it was scrapped shortly after greyscale painting in photoshop.

The second image I drew featured a large diamond shaped shield and a much larger and angrier (or happier) hydra. This image spoke much louder and flowed fluently during painting in photoshop.

For this image I wanted to add texture and colour into this image since the whole thing was drawn digitally. I did this using layer masks and a textured piece of colour paper. Every layer of colour is a different piece of "coloured paper" with a layer mask. 
After colour and texture where brought into the image. All that was left was to do was darken shadows and bring highlights into the image. Normally I would do this using multiply layers and overlay layers. However this time I incorporated the burn tool with a new texture brush created from a textured canvas image.

The Final...

This makes a pretty boss computer background download it here for your desktop.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Inspiration Axel Torvenius

Here you go guys. Axel Torvenius is an awesome concept artist. He creates his own photoshop brushes and bombs out awesome speed paintings fully illustrated speed paintings in 20 mins. His adept ability to create using only the brush and eraser tool set him apart from many artists. Torvenius creates speed painting videos and uploads them onto youtube for his own study purposes. Studying his drawings and speed paintings have definitely benefitted me and now you get to benefit too.

There is no music on any of these videos so feel free to play some tunes on your PC / Mac and enjoy.

If you enjoy these videos then I encourage you to follow Torvenius on Youtube.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Illustration Friday The Swamp

This week on the illustration friday was Swamp. I was really excited to paint this landscape as swamps are dark and dreary places, and I hadn't had a chance to create an atmosphere that resembled that darkness in some way. I was also excited while I was painting this when I realized that this image did not have any robots in it.

I love to create atmospheres especially after spending so much time creating characters, it is a really nice change to have and idea that forces me to create and atmosphere for them to flourish and live in.

This week I started by sketching out a swamp for atmosphere  and just went with it. I really wanted to whole image to be done using digital methods so I created another sketch using Sketchbook Express.

This was an awesome warm up using my tablet and I recommend all digital pencils or digital roughs be done in it. As much as I love photoshop it just doesn't provide the same feel as Sketchbook does.

And alas a finished piece emerged