Thursday, April 19, 2012

Leaper Class Mech Suit

Yesterday, I dropped down a what I am now calling an "Assault Class" Mech Suit. I had another suit that I had drawn out. I started drawing these suits as a way to justify a reason for a person to have cables and cybernetics attached to them. I have been throwing around this idea in my brain for awhile now and couldn't just not do it anymore.

This version of the mech suit I labeled "Leaper Class." I created the suit with the intention of it being able to jump over large gaps and run long distances.

This image I started by creating a background. I primed my canvas with some watercolour brushes and got to work on the new suit. I like to work in grayscale at first. I'm not actually sure why but I am very comfortable with working in with a full tonal range.

When I after I finished working out the shapes in greys I added colour by placing overlay layers with colours placed over them. I have been experimenting with this and I have been really enjoying my results. Overlay layers allow you to add colour and highlights (today's lesson peeps). I find them to be quite useful. I paint with colours on multiply layers to increase the range of colours. At the end I decided why not just draw out a rough sketch of my logo for fun. :D

I've also decided I am going to do one more mech suit this time only in photoshop without previously drawn reference. And then as a finale I am going to design a desktop background and maybe a t shirt of two of the mech doing battle...

Should be good... Anyways catch you all on the flipside. o.0  

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